Legacy of Gods by Rina Kent (4 Books set)


Legacy of Gods by Rina Kent (4 Books set)

From Book 1: From USA Today bestselling author Rina Kent comes a new STANDALONE dark romance about a villain and his new obsession.

I caught the attention of a monster.
I didn’t ask for it.
Didn’t even see it coming.
But the moment I do, it’s too late.
Killian Carson is a predator wrapped in sophisticated charm.
He’s cold-blooded, manipulative, and savage.
The worst part is that no one sees his devil side.
I do.
And that will cost me everything.
I run, but the thing about monsters?
They always chase.

This book is a dark unconventional romance and contains themes that aren’t to everyone’s liking. Please check the author’s note for content warnings before reading.


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